Sugarcane Explained

You can get halfway to the sun on a road of plastic PET water bottles! That’s right, that’s how many Pet plastic water bottles we used during 2016, enough to get us halfway to the sun! Unfortunately, that plastic would melt, as I’m sure you’re aware, before you got there and you would plummet into the ocean where a huge number of plastic PET water bottles end up.

PET plastic is used in one-time use water bottles for mainly soft drinks and water, we are buying 20,000 water bottles every second worldwide. If we continue on the same path by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the sea.

Also, PET water bottles are made for one-time usage and we don't know what they release the second time you fill that bottle up. It’s time to kick that habit, be a responsible consumer and buy Yuhme's reusable water bottle that’s made from sugarcane, CO2 negative and for every water bottle sold we give 6 months of clean, plastic-free water to someone in the Central African Republic.