Enso Tribe

The enso tribe of sweden AB is a swedish based yoga fashion brand with a mission of suppling sustainable and earth friendly products to the world of yoga. 

We can't say that we've have thought of everything but we truely believe we have thought of the most. With organic raw materials, fair labour conditions, eco-friendly printing and the best possible transportation ways, we do dare to say that Enso Tribe is contributing towards a better and more sustainable world. 

Our Mission

Garment manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging and harmful industrial sectors on the planet, and we (= us = yes you and me!) have to start to address that fact and not tomorrow but now!

Perhaps Enso Tribe shouldn’t have entered the retail market at all, that would of course have been the most earth-friendly option but we did and the reason is simple: we do think we have something ”better” to offer this world. AND we won’t lie, we also do love yoga and yes fashion too :) BUT the planet and the people living on it comes first ALWAYS. Can we make just one single customer to do a more earth-friendly choice by choosing our products then we’ve reached our goal for sure!

By cooperating with manufactures that truly (100%) assure organic and low impact raw materials together with fair labor conditions we know we can offer our customers a eco-friendlier option than many other suppliers. Our long-term goal is to grow a Tribe that will show the market that there are plenty of us that do care about the planet, the people living on it, but also about the quality of the end product. And perhaps (crossing fingers) with that Tribe we will make other retailers/garment suppliers aware of the fact that they need to walk the same path to make their customers happy :) With that said, let us now go and make this planet a better place!


NAMASTÉ // Enso Tribe